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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 7 May 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 7 May 2023

Monday was a public holiday here in South Africa. It was Workers Day, so us workers decided to take the day off and do nothing. Have you ever tried to do nothing in your own home. It is only really possible when you go away. Even reading a book at home is tough. So Joanne and I went for a nice long beach run and then just potted around the house doing small jobs that needed to get done before the weekend was over and then chilling on the couch. Winter is here now. There is a constant chill in the air and the log fire has been going since mid April.

Joanne and I after the run. We don't look tired but I was a little broken.


As I was sitting on the couch I got a message from Tony that his artwork arrived safely in Surrey in the UK and he sent me a pic of the box I sent.

It looks cold in Surrey :)
Sean Weldon also sent me a few pics of him in Italy and I was browsing other pics he sent me and came across one of him and a Candy Surfboard he spotted at High Road Wines belonging to Les.
Meet Sean Weldon. I can't remember which one of Malcolm Gladwells books talks about someone like Sean. I think it was The Tipping Point. Sean is a connector. He connects people. He taught me how to connect.
Joanne made herself a Caprice salad from the garden and I had the left over Beef Chow Main for lunch. The beef chow main was even better than we all ate  at yesterday's Chinese themed Sunday lunch with the kids. Ah well, now I can make two Chinese dishes.
You have to admit, that looks better than any Beef Chow Mein you have ever seen in a Chinese take-away picture menu.
Joannes famous caprice salad
I made the kids some Chicken and Cheese toasted sandwiches, Richard Scott style, in a frying pan with shredded lettuce. Yum, it reminded me of the days my mom and dad took us to The Golden Egg in the Benoni Plaza in main street Benoni, Johannesburg.
One of the chores I wanted to do was sort out my stamp and coin collection. Nether of them have any value, I just collected them over the years as I grew up. I wanted to sort them as there were both in a little mess.
Later in the afternoon I painted Joanne's nails for her and afterwards I grabbed the ViSi Magazine and drew an Ana on it some some fun for Social Media.
Having a bit of fun and turning the front cover of this magazine into money.
On Monday evening Robin Sprong sent me a picture of a stacked bar and asked me "Where am I?" I had no idea but I did spot a bottle of Richard Scott Citrus Mandy Gin in the middle of the pic. He proceded to tell me he was at Rhodes.
Spot the Scott
Tuesday was also a gallery day. Every day this week was a gallery day. Wednesday I stayed at home for the morning to get some pieces done for delivery around the world. I finished off a road sign for a collector in Porte Rico.
Taking a few photos to share.
It was also the beginning of the month so a lot of payments went out. If you're an owner of a business you'll know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday afternoon I got onto my Vespa and headed into the Gallery in Woodstock. I had a 3pm meeting with the famous Joey Burke. Can you believe it. I haven't seen Joey in 4+ years. He made a life change way back then and started working for Park West Gallery's on the Cruise liners. He was telling me he works six months on and two off. We caught up with all our news and Joey headed off for a new six month stint.
The man himself. Mr Joey Burke
Joanne bought Chad and I a yummy roast beef lunch at Tamboerswinkel which we both scoffed before popping upstairs to see Andre and Rob for a quick beer and another catch up. We headed home and made the kids a Chicken Al Fredo before the power went out, then we collapsed on the couch for a few hours and chatted to the kids.

Thursday, was a road tripping day. Angelique and I got in the Caddy and headed out to Roberson to see Pat at Roberson Art Gallery.
Doesn't look very appetizing but it was delicious. Just like I remember it as a kid
Always get the photo. Robertson is a a great little town about 2 hours from Cape Town. I remember I did an ABSA Cape Epic here once. Robertson is known for it's wine and cattle farming.
This really is the best Biltong in South Africa. Paul's Butchery in Pangbourne, the small town I live in in England is the best in the world. So if you want the worlds best, google Greens Butchery Pangbourne and ask for Paul. Then say Richard sent you for some of your biltong.
This is what I bought for supper from Pinto's. They went down well. Couldn't resist.
Angelique holding up Milk Tart I was sold by the lady at the till at Affie Plaas. It really was nice. Old farm style Afrikaaner Melktert.
When last did you see a Cornish Pastie? I haven't seen one for ages. Had to buy it. Oh, and home made gingerbeer is always a must on road trips.
I must say, it was delicious but not as good as me mums.
I couldn't resist sharing a pic of the Milk Tart with you.
Reminds me of that joke about English policemen. What did the Bobby say to the robber? "STOP OR I WILL SHOUT STOP AGAIN" LOL
We decided to go the back roads to Franschoek past Villiersdorp and Threewaters Dam. The drive was beautiful. We often forget about our beautiful countryside.
Franschoek is also a very beautiful town. There is a quint little art gallery there called Art in the Yard that sells my art. Pop in.
Threewaters Dam. It was built in 1978 and is the largest of three dams in the Western Cape with a capacity of 480 million cubic meters which is close to 50% of the water supplied to the 4million people living in and around Cape Town.
After Robertson we went to see the Gallery in Franschoek. Always good to show your face. It was a 5 hour round trip. We had to stop at Wimpy and get the usual toasted bacon and egg and wimpy coffee.

After a long drive we got back to the Gallery and I headed to fetch Joanne from work and once again headed home.
I was standing in the studio looking at these used stencils and wondering if I should frame them as one artwork or and individual one. These are the stencils I used to spray the gin bottles. What do you think? Message me on email or Whatsapp.
I also headed into town with Joanne on Friday as we were going to enjoy her birthday present: a Weekend away in Scarborough and a ocean foraging experience with Veld and Sea. I dropped Joanne at work and popped into the shop. Selwyn popped in to get a few bits and pieces and a catch up. I got an sms saying my South African Passport was ready for collection. That took only a week compared to the past when you waited months.
I picked Joanne up at 1pm and we were off to our weekend away. We stayed at the Surf Shack, which is a small quaint spot on the same farm where Veld and Sea was. I just thought it better to stay over for two days than drive so far. It was nice to do nothing again. The Shack was rustic, but it completed the weekend foraging experience. Here is our weekend in pictures and we explored Scarborough and foraged in the sea for all our food from Seaweed, to Mussels, to eating a Sea Urchin or two on the shore.
Joanne and I settling in to the Surf Shack
Making friends with beer. Meet Paul
Lakeside Brewery make great beer
Mushroom foraging at the Beer house
These guys make a great burger. I was impressed. Beer house just outside Scarborough
Saturday morning at the start of our foraging experience with Roushanna of Veld and Sea
Joanne foraging for seaweed. Enjoying her birthday "Experience" present.
Mussels in abundance.
Me foraging and enjoying life.
I did not know you could eat sea urchants. The green pumpkin shell ones. There delicious.
Little creatures using sand to build some of natures architectural wonders.
I spotted a blue sea anenomie. Had to take a pic
After we foraged we went back to The Glass House on Veld and Sea's farm. Roushanna treated us like royalty. I did op for the one on one personalized package, Richard Scott style. It was so awesome.
Seaweed Tempura, goats cheese and shiitake sushi for starters.
Such beautiful colours and so simple.
The 5 seaweeds we harvested and ate in different forms
Happy Birthday Joanne, the love of my life.
Joanne cutting up bull seaweed for pasta.
Finally we can both eat pasta.
Nestertian salad
Pesto butter and garlic with cream cheese. I had to lick the plate.
Beetroot and citrus salad.
Some interesting books on offer to read in the Surf Shack
Joanne reading up about her favorite food
Me playing guitar. I wish.
Joanne doing the same. LOL
Saturday night it was raining and we made a big fire and the rain was such a cool cherry on the top of our day. We shared a bottle of white wine but were so exhausted we were out like a light at 7pm. We got a great nights sleep in. On Sunday morning we got up early and had a strong coffee and went for a hike up the mountain behind us. After that we cold showered and packed up and headed back home via Scarborough market and then Kommetjie light house, Hout Bay and then home to treat the kids to a Italian themed Sunday lunch from all the produce we bought from the Italian deli in Scarborough. Here's a few pics.
Sunday morning hike. Nothing like nature.
Never seen Fynbos like this before. Roushanna was telling us her mother in law was a Fynbos expert and she even developed a system that burnt the fynbos seed in a contraption like nature does it. It has to have all the elements come together at the same time and she perfected it. So cool.
Kommetjie light house. We had to stop and get the pic.
An even better pic.
The Richard Scott Kommetjie light print from way back when.
We popped in to see John at Hout Bay Gallery but they were closed. We were a little early. We didn't wake John and Theresa and headed back home.
I had to get a pic. Hee hee.

Here is this weeks old photo of me back in the day.
This is a picture of me and my two sisters Susan and Angela. Susan is the taller one. It was probably taken in 1974, when I was 6 years old, in Springs Johannesburg. I can vividly remember it. We were all about to go to school and dad said lets take a pic in the back yard. Angela now lives in Darlington in the UK and Susan left us in 2011 to go to a better place. I miss you.
Until next Week.
r  i  c  h  a  r  d
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