Lighthouses with Ignatius Marx

The story began in 2003 when Marx, by then, an artist and avid collector of art for 14 years, spotted Scott’s work and could not resist. In a period of 5 years Marx acquired over 100 pieces of Scott’s work and slowly they became friends.

“I remember visiting Ignatius many times in his home in Umdloti Beach, Kwazulu-Natal, and sharing wonderful stories with Ignatius” says Scott. “He taught me a lot and was one of the few people I met who shared their knowledge of the art world, which would, unbeknown to me; lay the foundation for my own art career. I levitate to like-minded people and Ignatius’s transparency resonated with me” Said Scott
Over the years the two artists would talk about partnering on projects and one day doing something together. Finally in 2018 they decided to spend some time together and try fusing Marx’s take on neo-traditional art with Scott’s Contemporary style.

Scott has carved a name for himself in the South African art scene with his bold colours, simple lines and business approach to art.

“We met in my studio in Johannesburg in early 2018 and mapped out a plan to paint in Richard’s studio in Cape Town mid-year” said Marx. “Once in Richard studio, it only took us 2 days to map out a plan, with Richard’s business mind. We decided to use the naive simplicity and colour of Richards work in the foreground and middle ground and my powerful cloud-filled-sky scenes in the background” This will be the first time Scott has worked on Belgian linen with oil paint.

As Richard puts it: “we checked with the powers that be, to make sure that we on the right track and had all parties approval and then we started.”