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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 3rd September 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 3rd September 2023

I woke up Monday with a fuzzy head. Took me 3 hours to get going. I got stuck into the studio and then some admin. The list went like this:

  1. Tequila Pricing structure
  2. Pay bills
  3. Banking 
  4. Leads
  5. Rebul box
  6. You Tube update
  7. Follow up with NSRI auction
  8. Buy a new Hard Drive
  9. Whatsaop reminders
  10. Glue cork into the 3D printed rose for the tequila decanter
  11. Fix basin
  12. Etc etc etc

In between all this, I decided to make some seed and oat cookies for some reason. Chad popped over and brought the first 3 samples of the Tequila decanter. All 3 were rejected so I can't show you photos of the final product this week. 

While cooking the cookies I heated up some of Joanne’s bolognese sauce she made yesterday and ate that for lunch. It was a really good one this time. Nom nom.

The rest of the afternoon I did some paperwork and filing. I did manage to tick off most of the list above. 

Joanne came home from work at normal time and we caught up. It's only 4 days to go for our trip. So I got the suitcases out and Joanne started to pack the stuff we knew we were taking. Gin and wine as gifts etc. 


A repair of a Obeche Wooden sculpture. One of these got me into the finals at The Brett Kebel Art awards back in 2006.

2nd Draft Tequila Decanters. Whoaaaaaaaaa.

Testing the black vs. Green. The platnium on the gold didn't work, so were gonna revert to black if we cannot print a plantinum stencil.

I woke up Tuesday feeling better than I have in quite a while with this foggy head post COVID stuff. Joanne and I headed into Town. We were super early for some reason. I got to put the sign outside the gallery today.

After dropping Joanne off I drove to the gallery and caught the sun rising over the train track in Woodstock. So good to be alive.

I had some payments to make and Forex to rein in. I made another long list of stuff to do for the day. I won't bore you with it as most of Monday’s list trickled over to Tuesday. I had a great meeting with Angelique about sales and holding the reins while I'm away. Chad got stuck into spraying the boxes of the new catalogues that just arrived.

Chad and I popped out to go see David and Mervin Gers and discussed the 2nd draft Tequila ceramic bottles. It went well. There's a few minor tweaks to get it Richard-Scott-Perfect. 

Can you see the smoke coming out of David's ears?

Doing a pour test with David in the kitchen at Mervyn Gers.

Back to the shop and I helped Chad cut up some stickers and also took two large Richard Scott long sleeve tops for the trip.

Now I'm sitting upstairs at the brewery having a small pilsner and typing this to you. 

Adding some value to the new catalogue boxes.

I picked Joanne up and we headed home via Checkers to get some supplies. 

The sunset was absolutely amazing. Tuesday went from winter on Monday to 31 degrees on Tuesday. It caught a lot of people out. I tried to take a photo of the sun reflecting in my pool but the photo didn’t do the beautiful deep red dot in the sky any justice. 

My famous pool and the red-dot sunset.

A better 3d view.

Saving all the insects in my pool. They were all hatching with the hot weather.

Chilling on the deck on this hot balmy Spring day with Joanne, the love of my life.

Bangers and mash and peas. A staple meal from my youth. There is only 2 meals I eat with Tomato Sauce and that's bangers and mash and beans on toast. Hang on, also chip butties.

Daniel of Cape Diem Lodge sent me a picture of hiim drinking a beer at his house with his Richard Scott in the background.

Wednesday I did some brand box artwork for an hour. I’m trying to keep that up every day. I.E if I find branded packaging through the day I give it to Frans to spray with stencils and as soon as possible I add the white spray and then the black line and sign them. I managed to complete about 20. There was a woolies bag, a Pick and Pay brown paper bag, some G-STAR RAW bags and lots of other odds of South African brands. 

Chad picked me up at 8am, not before I gave Frans and Hendrik instructions for the day.

We headed to the gallery where I did a full blown sales and leads meeting with Angelique. 

Chad headed to Robertson on a road trip to Robertson Art Gallery.

Robertson Gallery looking good for the season.

Angelique helped me take some photos for the TALK page. You can now book me as a motivational speaker at your Corporate or School end of year finalist art class.

I got the kids some yummy Wednesday pizza. Angelique said we must try Pizza Shed in Observatory. Mushroom and truffle and a pepperoni.

Nom Nom.

Wednesday afternoon I made some bank payments and got stuck into the blog.

I left my Vespa at the Brewery about 2 weeks ago and its been raining ever since. Well al least on the days I've come into the Gallery. The Vespa has been parked here since. So today I will go home on it.

Thursday we got up early. Joanne headed off and I got stuck into finishing off the packing for Paris. It took me a while to get going as I don't normally pack when I travel but I got into it pretty quick.

We were overweight. Yes we could have taken 2 suitcases each but who travvels like that. So I stuck all the family gifts into a box. Like I used to. Bingo. So all the gin and art and coffee gifts were in a box which freed us up to to load the 2 cases with clothes. Not to many as we want to buy some stuff in Paris and Dubai. For some reason there was 3kg of biltong, in 6 x 500g pack for the biltong starved family members in the UK.


Having a quick sneak preview/popup at my Uncle Stuarts house in Pangbourne on 7th September. Only 20PAX each person gets one of these. Editioned to 20 so if you anywhere near Pangbourne rsvp with me:

Richard Scott Mervyn Gers Espresso cups packed.

I got most of the packing down to a fine art. I needed a few extra family gifts from the shop. I called Chad and he agreed to pop over. His timing was impeccable. He scoffed my left over Pizza from last night. Joanne and I got to say a last goodbye. Bags packed we headed to the airport.
Richie agreed to drive us there.

And were off. Newcastle, Leceister, Panbourne, Paris, Epernay, DXB

Teaching Joanne lounge life

Teaching Joanne real lounge life. Work and play.

I hadn’t travelled internationally for 4 years and forgot you can’t get into the Emirates lounge on a silver membership anymore. So we decided to pay to get in so that we could start our journey on a proper note.
We boarded and were off.

The flights were as good as flights go. Joanne and I managed to watch a few movies together. We watched the old classics The Matrix.  It was fun. I for some reason watched the Leonard Cohen documentary Hallelujah.

The rest of the blog in pictures:

Who is this?

I didn't realise Leonard Cohen was such a genius.

First family supper in 4 years

Breakfast with the famous Chef Stewart Morgan

Cup of Tea with Joanne and me Mum and Dad

The famous Richard of Gallery Gallerina in Darlington

Day trip to Newcastle


First drink at the Botanis


Sushi Me Rolling


Chef's and Owners: Simon Whitehead and Kurt Toulson. Sushi was good but the Porn Star Martini's and plum Sake was nom nom


Shanon doing the WALK OF SHAME


I still ordered Mohamed's Fish and Chips afterwards cos it truly is the best in the world


Joanne teaching Steward how to play pool


The love of my life


DISC profiling Psychometric testing needed to enter the Morgan household.


Every day we checked in on me mum and dad at the window.

Sunday morning my dad took us to the house that I was born in 54 years ago. 5 Linton Road Middlesbrough

Sharing Memories

Joanne got the pic.

Dad took us to REDCAR to have a.........

Lemon Tops in REDCAR. we all agreed its the best icecream we have ever had


There is no feeling like love. Oh wait, there is a better one: spending time and making memories with someone you love.


Nom nom


REDCAR beach

Until Next Sunday
r  i  c  h  a  r  d



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Barry St. Leger-Denny - October 2, 2023

Hi Richard
Enjoy the trip and make the most of family time.
Life is short.
Chat when you return about my RS collection please.
Barry St Leger Denny

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