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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 31st March 2024

Richard Scott Blog - 31st March 2024


Monday we were up early, Joanne took a week’s leave, or rather 4 days leave which ends up being 10 days off with all the Easter holidays. I drove with Angelina to go get her drivers license and then we just chilled for the rest of the day. I did attend to the odd little things in the studio.


One more box ticked Angelina. Well done.

Tuesday was the same, a lazy day with the odd task done in the studio. Richie popped over as he is printing the Backgammon dice cups for me with Mandy and Ana printed in the dice cups.

Using a vernier to measure the thickness of the Backgammon Board.

Varnishing the outside of the Backgammon Board.

I was so inspired by a piece I saw of Willie Bester's at Joshua Rossouw last week that I decided to use 3 of the old damaged Richard Scott My Girls Road sign’s and create a Richard Scott Willie Bester themed piece. I’ll keep you in the loop as to whether it works or not.


Damaged Richard Scott Road Sign that is about to become a Circular work. Take note Sean Weldon.

Wednesday, Joanne went for a run on the beach. As I type this on Sunday, we actually ran or cycled every day this week bar Wednesday for me so we are getting ready for winter. While Joanne went on a run I got stuck into helping Angelina with that art project I worked on with her Matric Biology teacher and Stone Dragon. I’ll put it online this week for you guys to bid on the 4 pieces.

Joanne and I had a 11am meeting with Bertus Basson to discuss things like Joanne's Birthday lunch at Chorus and Bertus serving my wine and Tequila at his Restaurants. That went well. Bertus also decided to put up several of my Road Sign Series in his restaurant KANTIEN. So that was upper cool.

Long time friend and legend Bertus Basson.


After Bertus I decided to go home via the N2 and show Joanne Meerlust Wine farm where I had an exhibition about 10 years ago. We tasted the wines with Carol and Trish and then headed to Geuwels, one of Bertus’s restaurants for a light lunch. We settled on Rump to share for main. I was still a littler hungry and ordered the Waffle. Hmmmmmm, it was a real large waffle. My eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach, but I scoffed it all down.

Showing Joanne the nooks and crannies of the world. Meerlust Wine farm tasting room. VIP Stuff.

Lunch with the love of my life, Joanne. Every day I love you more. It's so weird. Even friends comment and ask how is it possible.

We headed home for a lazy Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday was the same, Get up late, run, breakfast, clean up, laze about, do some work (as little as possible) and repeat. On the spur of the moment the family decided to all go to Clay Café in Hout Bay. It was good fun. The guys got to meet the owner of the Clay Café empire, Chris. Chris via the manufacturing part of her business manufacture my ceramic decanters. We all got stuck into lunch and painting.

Afterwards Joanne and I popped in to see John and Marika at Hout Bay Gallery. They were both well and it was great to catch up. Then that beautiful long drive home via Kirstenbosh. It's so beautiful with all the trees and twists and turns in the road.

Always great to see John. Without him I would not be where I am today in my career. Thanks John.

Friday for some strange reason, Joanne and I got stuck into researching the Auction markets and spent the day strategizing and working hard at it. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. So We decided to spend it on the deck reading a book. Only, neither of us had a book to read. So we hopped on the Vespa and headed to Exclusive Books down the road and got us a book each. I decided on “The Phycology of Money” by Morgen Housel and Joanne “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. Both books were real crackers as we paged through them while soaking up the sun by the pool.

Doing what we do best when the weather turns hot in Cape Town.

Got the shot of Joanne chilling.

Eames and Scott.


After that we made a light supper of home made pizza on rye bread while playing backgammon and binge watching that boat series on Netflix.

The whole week I was Postinf pics of artworks on the Porn Star cabinet that came back from the shop.


Sunday morning, we went for a bike ride to the beach and then I cracked on with the blog and Joanne potted around the house tidying up and prepping for Sunday Lunch. I was on the roast and the Yorkshire Puddings while Joanne was on the roast potatoes and veg.

Keeping fit so we can be together 40 years from now.

Joanne proffreading the blog. Can you spot me taking the picture?

Were the Yorkshires a success?


Until next Sunday.

r   i   c   h   a   r   d.

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