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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 27th August 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 27th August 2023

Monday I was up early and go go go. I got Angelique and Chad in early as I wanted to align Google Ads and the website. After meeting Lawrence last week and the knowledge I gained on how Google Ads worked, I needed to re-align my website to suit. We decided to run individual campaigns on individual products like gin, stencil art, road signs, skateboards, coffee and recycled, or circular, works. Let’s see if we get more traction. The rest of Monday was a blur.

English Girls have more fun. This piece I did way back in 2006. I used it for the main image for the invite to my UK event on the 7th September.


My Monday morning picture I sent to Angelina

Getting a nice pic of the Skateboards for the Website

Zoom Zoom

Sean Weldon asked me to decorate this Visi page

I made myself a chicken and salad baguette. It tasted much better than it looks.

Angelique popped into Kalk Bay Modern art gallery on Sunday. They are selling. Yeah, so cool.

I also stayed home on Tuesday because I wanted to build the Rebul pop up box for Plett in December. I never got around to it as I was focused on the tequila rose. I did get the chance to  speak to James about the event in the UK on the 7th September called Hidden Treasures. I’m gonna do a quick splash and dash event to my top collectors in the UK. Will send pics.

Spray painting the Tequila Rose. The final one will be colour 3D printed, but Richie was having trouble with the printer so I sprayed this one red.

 Adding the green for the stem

This weeks old picture is of me with Graham Norton at a Charity function I did in London back in 2016 I think. Graham owns one of my pieces in his Cape Town home. I donated a piece to the charity and Graham was the MC.

Nice to meet famous people, he said to me :)

Wednesday was an awesome day in the studio. I built the popup box with Hendrik. It was really fun doing it. It was like being a kid and building one of them houses in your lounge with all the cushions from the couch. This is for the pop-up in Tops in Plett in December.

Having fun

Doing the math

Hendrik and I trying to find out how they put this cork together in South African fashion. I need to know for the cork on my tequila bottle.


I also did some works on brand packaging. I’m gonna have a show and call it Circular. Sean Weldon has got me into this in a big way.


 4 new pieces for the show

Joanne came home and we made ourselves some yummy tuna and grated onion on rye. We shared a bottle of Chenin crafted into splendor by wine maker David Nieuwoudt of Cederberg wine farm. Then we chatted to Sean Weldon as we have decided to take up his offer to stay at his flat in Lake Garda, Italy next September. So we did a little planning around that before early to bed.

Thursday I was at the Gallery. I dropped Joanne at her office and bought us a nice cup of Tamboerswinkel coffee. We have a quick chat to Le Riche, the manager, and I was off. I had 5 meetings in a row. Dion from a packaging and shipping company in the UK and then Selwyn to talk Tequila. We did a tasting and it's very good. Andre also tasted and gave it the thumbs up and proceeded to do lots of research on the brand. I was also fortunate enough to get Rob Munroe to taste as he walked in as well. Rob is the most experienced of us all and he loved it. So were onto something. Wow you are gonna be blown away with what were doing. Then Sally Bell and her husband popped in to pick up her latest Richard Scott acquisition, a set of 9 dinky trees. Sally was one of the very first people who bought my art back in 2002. Then a young gentleman called Phillip popped in unexpectedly and was very interested in starting his Richard Scott art collection. We missed Les, from High Road Wines, as we wanted to do another co-lab. So, news to follow on that. Then Andre popped in to help me work the numbers on the tequila bottles. He’s a very smart man. For lunch, I ate a tuna and onion roll which I made from the leftovers. Joanne made me 3 nice soft white South African corner shop buns. I gave Angelique and Chad one each and they both concurred it was nom nom, especially with a thin layer of lettuce on.

Meeting new people. Meet Dion. Dion is gonna help us in the UK with our REBUL style packaging and shipping.

Rob taking advantage of me messing about. This Tequila is next level. You gonna love it.

I picked Joanne up and we went to go see a flat in Tamboerskloof. We potentially want to live in town during the week to save time traveling. We then had a lunch date with Marco Garbero at Mano’s. He forgot about the date so he only had desert. Joanne and I ordered the squid starter and Kingklip main to share. It was great to see Mano. Were gonna redo the 4 pieces on his wall on Monday. Looking forward to that. We said our goodbye and headed home.

The 3 stooges tequila tasting

Got a nice picture of Joe, the Brewery restaurant manager holding up one of the last of the old cups I did with Jean Hermans in 2005

I also got to catch up with Torsten. An old German friend and wine somelier. Torsten runs a wine experience that is the best you will ever have. He is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to wine and in particularly South African Wine

Joanne and I waiting for the Estate Agent to show us the flat. As luck would have it, its owned by David and Jill Trappler. David was my therapist. How bizaar.

Lunch with Marco Garbero

The famous Mano and his right hand man Sean.

Friday, I popped into the Gallery again as Joanne and I had a function at Suikerbossie in Hout Bay on the night. So, I did all the admin as it was payday. Carl Smyth popped in for a quick chat about selling a painting we own jointly. It may be going to the UK. Taryn and Kaylie Weldon popped in to collect a few pieces they bought. They also committed to the pre-order of tequila bottles. We haven’t even started the pre-sales and we have sold 6 bottles.

A glimpse of the master pieces.

Carl and myself in a telco with James in the UK discussing the price of my original paintings,

Kaylie and Taryn. Two of my biggest fans.

Celebrating life. Take away food and good wine. We felt like fish and chips for lunch. We tried Mariners Warf. The Calamari was good, but SNOEKIES fish and chips is still my favourite.

Arriving at our Hotel. Hout Bay Manor. Wow, it really is a wonderful hotel.

Taking some time out with Joanne, the love of my life. We do like nice hotels. We agreed we prefer to spend the money and stay in a good hotel and enjoy the hotel itself. From Mount Nelson, to Casa Labia in Muizenberg, to Prince Albert Hotel, Webersburg, Karoo Art Hotel to Hout Bay Manor.

Another quick catch up with Marco. I sold him my Enrico De Paris.

Getting ready to go out. We didn't know the dress code so I went as an artist


Congratulations on your successful event Rob

Enjoying the NSRI fund raiser. My gold tree raised R30 000 for the Hout Bay NSRI.

Catching up with John from Hout Bay Gallery and artist Jeremy Rose

We tried to Uber home, but there were no Ubers. So I called John and asked him if he could give us a lift from Suikerbossie to the Manor. Which he gladly did and saved our butts.

Joanne and I had a wonderful nights sleep and slept in for a change. We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed home.

Joanne had a 12:30 hair appointment and I caught up with my blog.

Saturday night we opted to swap out for family Sunday lunch and treated the kids to Melkbos Kitchen for a nice family meal before we head to see the family in England and then to Paris.

The Gang

Goodnight MBK

Amy and I doing the "WALK OF SHAME". I never use to let my kids take a doggie bag. You ordered it, you eat it. But since I met Joanne, a lot of my staunch rules have been let go. LOL

Sunday Joanne and I just chilled. So much so that I actuality decided to type this part now, on Saturday afternoon, so that tomorrow i just need to post the Blog.

 We did do a nice 5km beach run and I popped out to get my phone fixed. The charger port was broken. Cell Phone Surgeon in Table Bay mall did it in 30 min. I can Highly recommenced them

Until Next Week

r  i  c  h  a  r  d


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Angelina - October 2, 2023

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