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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 21 May 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 21 May 2023

Sunday evening was nice and relaxed. Joanne and I watched a movie on Disney and to be honest we were in bed at 8pm after an exhausting week.


Monday was Monday. I was getting the car out the garage in the dark as we had no power from 4am to 6.30am. As I walked down the garden path Bob Geldof’s “I don’t like Mondays” started playing in my mind. Its not that I don’t like Mondays, I do not like being inconvenienced by being in the dark.


Nonetheless, I saw Joanne off to work and made a fire and some coffee and got stuck into admin. I got quite alot done before Joanne called me to say she is safely at work. Driving in the dark is a bit dodgy even for me.

Hendrik came to work and said his son was sick and needed to take him to the Children Red Cross Hospital, so I ushered him off to do that.


I found a box of really old art I did a decade ago. It was like stumbling across a bar of gold in one of the Garage Auction sales. I took the liberty to sort it in piles and will take the week to catalogue it and put it on board for future sales. Some of the pieces I will keep for the Richard Scott Art Museum one day.


Richie popped in after a flying lesson and we chatted 3-D Prints and some other dad son stuff.


I quickly cooked up the 2 chicken dishes for supper. Some Chicken wings and Chicken in a tomato oregano sauce.


 Nom Nom, Joannes favorite Chicken Wings

My Favorite Oregano Chicken

I then decided to take the rest of the day to a Richard Scott GIN RECON. I still need to sign about 30 bottles and then the GIN bottles will all be signed. The RECON went well. I was a bit disappointed with myself that it was in such a mess. Not like me at all.

Happy to finally finish the Gin


The rest of the afternoon was chilling with Joanne as I was up to date on all things Richard Scott Pty Ltd.

We decided to open a bottle of Klein Constantia Brut and eat some Robertson Spiced Richard Scott Style Chicken Wings.

Tuesday was town day. I also went to see Willie. Willie came to see the house and wanted to buy it but he didn’t. When Willie was here I asked him what he does for a living, as I do everyone I meet, because then you have a beacon for conversation. So Willie does lots of things and one of them is UV printing. So we got talking and he’s going to experiment with UV printing my artwork onto all sorts of things. Watch this space. I popped back to the Gallery and did some admin. I picked Joanne up and we headed home.

Wednesday I got absorbed into stamps. Yes, stamps. My sister Susan and I collected them as kids as we had lots of letters from the family in the UK. So why was I so absorbed. Well I bid R1600 on a collection of rare stamps and I won the bid. I decided to take a few hours to look though the collection and I seem to have stumbled across a gold mine. News to follow.

Recognize any of these?

Thursday, I popped into Jason's Bakery after I dropped Joanne at work. Jason and I had to draw a name out of a hat for the competition we did jointly on Instagram. The winner won a Richard Scott Cappuccino set and some goodies from Jason’s Bakery. It was a great success and so cool to do a Joint Venture with such cool Cape Town brands.

The big man himself

Chad popped into the Bakery and did all the photos and then we had a business breakfast to discuss his clients and him managing the Richard Scott pop-up shops. We conceptulised a cool compartmentalized movable box. We have got REBUL onboard as a partner and were going to make a mind-blowing design.

 Sketch of what we want.
Playing around with the REBUL boxes.

After Jason's I poped into Shelf-life to get some paint supplies they only opened at 10am, so I walk the streets of Cape Town for 10 minutes. I walked past the old building that I used to work at Intekom. I had a beautiful view looking out over Green Market Square. I loved my job as a web designer and have fond memories each time I walk by.

My old window overlooking Green Market Square.

Then it was off to Shelf-life. It's like being a kid in a Candy Store. I walked with  a box of 50 cans.

My 2nd home.

Then I headed to the Gallery in Woodstock and caught up there on some banking and did a #packitlikeaboss piece for a client who just bought one of the large Graffiti Girl hand finished prints.


Doing the final touches on a parcel I signed.

Andre asked me to help him with design at the Woodstock BreweryTap Room in Observatory. We enjoyed a beer together and discussed ideas about the Tap Room. I got Andre to finally jot down all the cool sayings he has been saying over the year about his beer, and he is going to put them in speech bubbles on the wall as wallpaper. Sayings like “The only Pills you need is Happy Pills” relating to his Pilsner's he brews called Happy Pills.

The mural I painted way back when for Andre at Tap Room in Obs.

I picked Joanne up at 2.30pm and I dropped off a Gold Money tree print off at ORMS to frame for a client. Then Joanne and I headed back to the Brewery to meet up with Jacques to discuss the wedding dress and a few other wedding bits and pieces. Jacques knows his stuff. After all Jacques is not called South Africa’s King of Couture for nothing.

Beautiful People.

We rushed home after that to meet up with Lynette from Beach Road Properties to discuss the possible sale of the house. Then it was supper time and chill time. Joanne was craving steak, so she bought us a small fillet and I fried it up in the pan and we did Joanne Richard Supper, Greek salad with blue cheese sauce and rare fillet steak. We started watching some Auction Chef Show on Netflix. It started out crap, but it got us hooked. Those Americans sure know how to put on a show and hook you. Which South African chef friend of mine is going to be on the first South African version. Dean and Daniella popped in late Thursday night and wanted to talk flats and business and life. We only got to bed at 10pm, which is late for us, but was great to educate the kids on life and money and life and money.


Friday I was in the studio and I prepped a large Graffiti piece in Autumn shades like the colours I use on the Citrus Mandy Gin bottle. While Frans was prepping stencils and paint, I got Hendrik to sand down one of the Construction Plank Trees and decided to also turn it into a My Girls Graffiti piece.

 2m x 1m paper piece almost done. Just need to add the black lines.
 Up scaled Construction piece. Needs white and black.
 Cool photo of the stencils.
 Always buy the best product. This is MTN Montana 94 Gloss.
 Testing colours. Loving the blue and orange.

Angelique sold an original piece to a client in Italy and I got the liberty of mixing up some blue samples. It was fun to get my hands wet and messy.

 Playing again.
Peek a boo.

Angelina came over for the weekend and we ordered in some crayfish and ate the left-over fillet from the night before. We invited Irini and Claude over with the kids, Charlotte and Georgia in tow. We scoffed the steak and crayfish. I sautéed the steak in a cast iron pan with some fresh rosemary and butter and the crayfish were grilled South African BRAAI style with a simple brush of butter and garlic and squeezed lemon once served. Weird thing about crayfish is that there is always some left for the next day for a nice Crayfish salad. Just like in the old days when my mom made prawn salads.

After the food was scoffed and we danced a little, everyone went home, and Joanne and I collapsed on the couch. We decided to fall asleep on the couch in front of the fire but that lasted 10 minutes. The new bed we bought was way more comfortable.

Saturday was Daniella’s birthday and we had to go get some last-minute items for Sunday lunch as we were theming the lunch around Daniella's favorite food: Mexican.

So we both woke up at 5am. Damit. But we rescued the morning by falling back to sleep till 9am. We were both a little under the weather flu wise in a mild way. Coffee and laptops till 10am and then it was time to get moving. We got up and cleaned and then Joanne made us some yummy scrambled eggs and tomato with Jason’s Bakers thinly sliced sour dough malva toast which I cut up on my Martin Baullman gifted meat slicer. I then made Angelina some Famous Richard Scott toasted cheese using the same Jason's Bakery thickly sliced sour dough. Jason's bread has these small holes in it and the cheese seeps through and fries in the pan and makes it so yummy.

Angelina went on to study and Joanne and I needed to pop out to get a last few bits and pieces for the Mexican Sunday lunch. While there Joanne treated me to a 60minute Thai Back and neck massage. So needed. Then we headed back home and made a fire and poured Joanne an G&T and myself an Aperol Spritz and I decided to update the blog while Joanne browsed new homes for us once we sell.

Sunday we potted around the house and Joanne started the Mexican Lunch. It went down well.

We celebrated Daniella's birthday with a cake made by Tracy from A Taste for Klass. Its the best Chocolate cake ever and we were all discussing what Tracy did to make it so yummy. We all concluded there was raspberry as a secret ingredient.

The gang.

The kids all helped wash up and after a few games of UNO they all disappeared back home. Joanne called her sister and I finished off the blog.

Here my old pick of the week form way back when:

This is myself and Angela about 1988. We we both a bit naughty but we sure loved life.

Until Next Sunday

Have a fabulous week.

r  i  c  h  a  r  d






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