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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 14th May 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 14th May 2023

Hello there, this week I thought I would start with the Old Photo series that I've been posting here for a few weeks to entertain you guys.
Here's a picture of me around 1995. I had just come back from a 3-month holiday in Billings Montana and was shacking up with a friend in Cape Town. I had very little money to my name, but I was a seriously hot Web Designer and was scooped up by Alan Levin of Intekom to head up there Radio Station web department which I handed them on a platter. I was one of the first web developers in South Africa and did web sites for celebrities the likes of Mark Gillman, Tony Blewitt, Kevin Savage, Sasha Martinengo and all the Radio Stations: 5FM, Goodhope FM, KFM. The list went on.
So the pic on the wall was a doodle I did on Canvas. I don't know where it is now, but I do remember it was inspired by the computer game WarCraft that we played days on end.
OK, back to the real world. It's Monday now and I must remind you to enter the giveaway with Jason's Bakery. Check out my Instagram for details: Here is a pic of the Hamper.
This is the hamper you can win
I picked Joanne up and we headed home, and we decided on a nice steak for supper, so I cooked us a Richard Scott Sirloin in the pan. Fat charred, rare, and thinly sliced served with Joanne's foraged salad from Sunday and good dash of good old English Mustard.
Searing the fat
Zoom zoom
We like to eat small portions.
Tuesday, I headed into town. I got stuck into admin with Angelique and Chad. I did a few pack it #likeaboss parcels and then popped over to a auction house down the road to check out an art auction of the deceased estate of the artist Nigel Hewett. It was quite interesting. I was chatting to the auctioneer and the artist had no kids or wife or family to leave it to or the proceeds.
Viewing the works on Auction
Packing #likeaboss
Then we popped back to the shop and I got a quick haircut with Liezl next door at Hadfield and then I sent Chad to go get us some Nish Nash Shawarmas in Bree Street with some Falafel balls and Tahini for Joanne for later.
Treated the guys to Nish Nash Shawarma. Nom nom,
After the range we headed back to the shop then to pick up Joanne. As I met  her, Joanne asked me if she could take me on a date and I agreed. So, Joanne took me to the Labia Movie Theatre in Cape Town to watch an old movie called Air. It's the story behind Nike's collaboration with Michael Jordan. In the 25 years we both lived in Cape Town, neither Joanne or I had been to the Labia. That's a bit of a sin. So, we decided to go more often.
Red carpet treatment for us only please.
Just like in the olden days at the Box office
Filo pastries and Chenin for lunch.
Can't do a movie without Popcorn and Slush Puppy.
The Movie was really good. I can't remember watching it when it first came out.
Wednesday, I got stuck into some admin and finished off the wallets final design. It's taken a while, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. I decided to delegate this week. At any one given time I have about 20 things I need to do or a project I want to get finished. So I gave Angelique and Chad the responsibility to get them done. They range from Tequila bottles, to large 2m high Ana sculptures, to Takealot to Wallets to shopping mall pop ups. The list goes on. I even came up with a new idea while I was delegating which I got from reading up and following the artist Invader in Paris. It's called the "My Girls Movement" I'll fill you in in a few months once the project is off the ground. The rest of Wednesday I spent staring at this screen like you are right now. Thursday night Joanne and I made a quick and easy supper. As you know we do not eat much.

Thursday was another town day. I popped in to see Jared of BMC (Bicycle Motor Company). Jared is the man that painted the Richard Scott Specialized Bicycle. He has his shop next door to my Gallery which is convenient. I was asking him if he can do the Mirror Series for me in Chrome. He was willing to give it a go so hold thumbs.

I then caught up with my Blog and had a beer with Andre and Mira upstairs. We made some plans to get together next Saturday for supper and a hike.

After that I packed up and fetched Joanne. She had to run an errand for Craig her boss, in Bo Kaap, so we decided to get some spices from Atlas Spice Co and then popped into the Turkish Bazaar for some pickled Vegetables and Artichokes. Then we took the opportunity of popping into the Bo Kaap museum over the road and wandered around soaking up the history of Bo Kaap. Then it was home and an early night.
The beautiful colours of the house juxtaposed with the grey winter sky
Make the effort and educate yourself on the history of Bo Kaap
Enjoying life with the love of my life, Joanne.
This whole week we were out of power every morning from 6am to 10:30. So Joanne and I pushed the morning alarm 30 minutes ahead to accommodate our love for coffee. Basically, we got up at 5.30 and got ready and went downstairs at 5.55am before the power went out and shared a coffee together. Friday morning was the same. After coffee I drove into town with Joanne and headed to the shop. Not before stopping at Tamboers Winkel to have another quick coffee. It was stormy and raining in town and it reminded me of driving in Pangbourne in the UK, except there the robot's work. After arriving at the Gallery, I did the usual daily bank routine etc.

Jared was asking me for a sample pic of the chrome pieces and the only place I could think of finding them was on Instagram. So, I spent an hour looking for them. While I was looking, I found some really cool pictures of fond memories and took a screen shot and sent them to my friends.
Here are some pics of the Chrome pieces I did 10 years ago for the Joyride Vespa project.
The 3 pieces in the foreground are the Mirror Chrome Girls. The two in the background are matt. We did the different samples to see which Andy, Brett and I preferred to spray the 4 Metallic Vespas.
Here are the 4 Metallic Vespas at Vespa in Johannesburg
Ok here are the Instagram photos and screen grabs for a good laugh and history lesson:
David Higgs and I when we were young. We share the same Birthday 14th December.
Vincent van Zon and I in Hollywood.
Here are a few screen grabs from Instagram
Carl Smyth and I on one of our world travelling trips.
Mr James A.A. Thompson 10 years ago in his bicycle shop in Bagshot. I did a talk to his clients and we sold £105 000 of art in one night.
Treating Safiso Mkhabela to a nice lunch at Marble with Davd back in the day. Sefiso became an avid collector of my art and a good friend.
Charl Bezuidenhout of World Art doing what he does best with a Kilmany-Jo  Liversage in the Background. Charl and I go back 20+ years.
The first time I met Deon Bing was at a Havaianas launch way back when we were young.
Achim Spelling in his hometown in in Furth in Wald in Germany. I remember him picking me up from Munich airport and whizzing down the German Autobahn at 300km/hr. Achim became an avid collector and made me famous in Germany. We still see each other often as he lives in Cape Town now.
Showing Sefiso the Richard Scott art machine.
While scrolling on Instagram I even went all the way back to the first Instagram picture I took on 24 June 2012. I was in Hong Kong. Instagram started on 6th October 2010, so I started 18 months later.
Hong Kong Harbour. My first ever Instagram pic on 24 June 2012
My second Instagram pic in Carl Smyth's office in Big Bay, Cape Town.
Friday, I manned the Gallery the whole morning as Angelique was out in Franschhoek and Chad was in Stellenbosch. I picked Joanne up at 1pm and we headed to Klein Constantia Wine Farm for a light lunch at The Bistro. We made arrangements with Alan the Wine Farm Manager to take us up to the new venue where Joanne and I are looking at getting married in January.
One of our favourite little spots in the world
We had a light lunch at The Bistro before we headed up the mountain. We can highly recommend booking. The restaurant is always full
Spot the Scott
On a private tour of the Vineyard and the new venue
This is the spot
Alan giving us the VIP treatment
Take lots of pics.
After the tour we headed home for a lazy weekend, NOT.
The estate agent called me late Friday afternoon to tell me she has a signed offer to purchase on the house. We meet her Tuesday to discuss. So a week from today you will hear that update.

Saturday morning, we were up early and went out for run before Joanne made me a nice omelette and then were off to take Angelina to the Open Day at The University of Cape Town (UCT)
At UCT. The best university in South Africa.
Saturday evening Joanne and I chatted to Dean and Danellia as they were home and then we watched a movie and went to bed.
Sunday, we did a JR (Joanne and Richard) we woke up at 8am and stayed in bed till 10am. We did lots of Air BnB planning and Auction planning. We finally dragged ourselves out of bed at 10 and went for a beach run and then potted around the house.
This is us after running 5km into the wind. Blah
It was mothers day here in South Africa, so Chad and Dean took Joanne out for lunch at the local Italian. It was a nice treat. It is a weird feeling when your kids pay for your lunch at a restaurant.
Joanne the mom
I did manage to get my cooking in for the week. Joanne and I made 6 bean and lentil soup and a separate batch or Jason's Bakery Mushroom Soup.
4 batches each.
Until next Sunday
Thank you for reading
r  i  c  h  a  r  d
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