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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 24th September 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 24th September 2023

I committed to going into the gallery in Woodstock every day this week, considering I was away for 3 weeks. Yes, I do work 24/7 but I did try and enjoy my time off with Joanne, especially the Paris part.

Joanne dropped me off Monday as she needed the car

So, Monday I caught up nicely with Angelique and Chad. I came up with a sales idea called DALS.

D stands for clients that are DEFINITELY going to pay. A stands for clients that have AGREED to pay. L stands for clients that we need to get over the LINE. S stands for future SALES clients.

It’s a new sales strategy I came up with and its working off the bat, as Chad managed to close a deal withing minutes.


Angelique drawing the Tequila decanters

Tuesday I was in again and it was go go go. I had a few meetings with Selwyn RE: Tequila and then with the BOSA team. I finally got my logo idea down on paper.

Mike and Konstantin

Watch this space

A collector in Johannesburg sent me this photo of one of my works for a Valuation Certificate. I remember this series fondly.

Tuesday afternoon I met up with the Advocate to take that stolen painting case a step further.

Wednesday I was back in the Gallery and continued with my sales strategy.

Thursday came and went as did Friday. Up early, off to the Gallery, work hard and home to a early night. Joanne and I did have our monthly check in with Orette, or relationship councilor. She gave us a thumbs up and we were off home.

Richie sent me a few images of the new Candy Ana 3D print in the making

Friday was a little more exciting. Angelique and I packed the small tree prints we did for Andre at the brewery. Then, I managed to pack 2 parcels which were going off to collectors and White House Gallery in Johannesburg. I did some splash work for a potential co-lab and then off to fetch Joanne. We popped in to see Paul who works with Mark Gold. He resized Joanne's engagement ring as it was a bit big. Then back to the Gallery to man the gallery till around 4pm. Another early night after I cooked up some sirloin on the bone on the braai.


Prepping a wine box to paint on

Playing with paint like I always do

Signing some new small tree prints

New Road Sign off to Johannesburg

Pack it like a boss

Sean Weldon's Daughter Indiah got a custom pair of Richard Scott Converse's for her 18th Birthday.


Whoop Whoop

Saturday we lazed in bed till 9am. It was nice. It was the first time we could do that in 4 weeks and look at our sea view. I made us some yummy coffee and we were off for a killer beach run. There's a storm brewing in Cape Town and we felt it on the beach.

I received this image from a collector who framed the wrapping of one of my parcels

After the run, we took a walk to the little corner shop to get some last-minute supplies for tomorrow's Sunday lunch braai. It's braai day in South Africa on Sunday so we are prepping. After that we sat by the fire and did odds and sods. I booked us an Air Bnb for next Saturdays Champagne tasting at Colmant and then finished off the blog while Joanne did a timeline story to send to the Advocate on Tuesday for my court case.

Cape Town on Monday

Cape Town on Friday. Same spot. Getting ready for a stormy weekend.


Saturday evening, we cuddled up by the fire and watched the Rugby South Africa against Ireland. Blah.

Sunday was also a rest day other than Sunday Lunch.

Until Next Weekend

r   i   c   h   a   r   d

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