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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 23rd June 2022

Richard Scott Blog - 23rd June 2022

Last Sunday Chad and I did the 1st WhatsApp auction which went very well. Thanks to the guys who bid on the items and helped me help Shombie help the kids.

It was also Father’s Day and I got the pic in front of the fridge.

Proud Dad

Monday was once again admin and Tuesday was strategy.

I did manage to paint over some old works from 2006. Who knows maybe one day my works will also be x-rayed like Van Gogh and many other artists.

Candy Tammy

Candy Mandy

Wednesday, I did my ceramic class again with Anthony Shapiro. Angelique, Chad and I did phase two where we used a technique called “paddling”. It’s where you hit the egg-shaped clay that we did last week into the shape that you want it. I also go to work on the roller which is where I can see myself making lots of sheets and sewing them together to make the ceramic vases I have in mind.

The maquettes that I want to turn into Vases.

We have our own shelf. Feel honored.

Step one, egg shaped pinch pots.

The master at work.

The Student at work.

Never stop learning.

Lunch at DIAS tavern. The Best Portuguese restaurant in the world. Joe is the bomb.

Would you like a Portuguese roll with that Richard. Asked Charles our waiter. YES PLEASE.

Thursday was great as we made about 6 sales to different collectors in one day. It was a nice moment. Gold Trees going to Denmark, Candy Girls going to France and many more.

Friday, Joanne worked from home and we did the usual and potted around. Chad popped in and we started to strategies about the next WhatsApp auction. It was nice to sit and meet like the old days when you start up a business. Each of us have our roles and responsibilities.

Joanne and I also chatted about our trip to the UK in September. I also need to pop over to Belgium and Germany to do some business there.

Saturday we popped out to the shops to buy some new linen as I have decided to put the house back up for sale as I want to move closer to Cape Town CBD for Joanne and my business and also then buy our ultimate retirement home in Greyton.

Saturday night Chicken curry on the bone.


Sunday morning was sleep in, run around the block and Neil Jewel Bacon sandwich Len Scott style. I.E. fry the bread in the bacon fat and toast it. then ass HP sauce and the Neil Jewel Bacon and BINGO. Best bacon sandwich ever.

Neil Jewel bacon, HP sauce and fried bread.

NOM NOM. You can only do this once a month. The arteries will be clogged.


Joanne teaching the kids how to make Mac and Cheese.


Joanne, Chad and Amy at Joannes Chef School.

 Sunday lunch was good. Thanks Chad and Amy.

Kids playing Chess and me blogging.

Until next Sunday

r  i  c  h  a  r  d

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