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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 30th June 2024

Richard Scott Blog - 30th June 2024

Monday was beautiful. There was a a heavy mist hanging over Melkbos. It only dissipated in the early afternoon.

Tuesday was payday. That bittersweet day in the month for a business owner.

Joanne sent me a a pic of the moon from her office on Tuesday.

And then a pic of our beautiful Table Mountain.

Wednesday was pottery or ceramics day. I headed into town with Joanne and she dropped me off at her office and the guys came to pick me up. We headed to Truth Coffee for some breakfast and a quick meeting before our team building class.

Working hard at Truth Coffee.

Then it was off to Anthony Shapiro’s studios to get all clayed up. I was working on a new series and the first 3 weeks I had to work on the maquettes. The smaller version before you make the bigger version so you can iron out any schoolboy errors. It's quite fascinating. Watch this space for some new Richard Scott Ceramics.

Got the staff pic.

In my element.

Bongani showing us how its done.

After our class we went to go see Henry at the Sea Point Gallery and the guys were gonna treat me to Johnny Shwarma over the road but, to our disappointment, it was closed. That was the best shwarma in the world gone, just like that.

Henry suggested the Mexican next door and it was a hit.

Nom Nom Mexican food at Una Mas. Can highly recommend.

The guys dropped me off at Joanne and we headed home.

Thursday was another studio day. Chad and I prepped all the art for Auction Me and Angelique focused on some international sales.

Thursday Ruan from Lost Wax sent me some photo of the new small bronzes in the making. Here the original 3-D print is put into a container and then silicone is pored in to create a silicone mold.

Looks like a new artwork.

Then the 3-D print is removed and the mold is ready.

Wax is then poured into the mold.

The wax is removed.

The wax is cleaned. South African style.

Whala. the wax version is now ready to get the ceramic coating.

Friday, Joanne worked from home which was nice. We got up really early and got stuck into our admin. The day passed really quickly. We had an early supper and played cards and backgammon. It was one of them weeks where there were no kids in the house. You know the feeling if you’ve been there.

Saturday morning Joanne got a bee in her bonnet and wanted to get out. We decided to go to Shelly Point for a nice drive. We were both craving fish and chips and for some reason Shelly point was calling.


We found it. Directions to Shelly Point Lighthouse.

There she is. About to be Richard Scott-ified.

Joanne and I enjoying life.

Had to do the PANO for you.

Joanne got a nice pic of me at the Shelly Point Lighthouse. Need a haircut.

Nom Nom.

We googled Best Fish and Chips in Shelly Point. The Security guard lady at the complex suggested the harbour. We drove past and there was a queue. My Uncle Rex told me "If there's a Queue, then it has to be good." It was.

It was nice to get out and spend some quality time with Joanne.

On the way home we found a really good affordable butcher out in the middle of know where. We got ourselves a good haul of local lamb. Nothing like the local farmers selling  their own food.

You will not beat these prices and quality anywhere. Joanne was in her element.

We got home early afternoon and got stuck into playing cards. Joanne beat me at my game and she beat me at hers.

We settled into a movie and nice cup of tea and both fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was Sunday. A early morning run on the beach and some Neil Jewel bacon for breakfast. Then it was prepping Sunday lunch and blog time. The kids came over for Sunday lunch. Joanne took advantage of the 2-chicken special at Woolworths for R170 and I made my moms cheese boats.

The guys are all still sitting around the table while I type this by the fire. Yes, the fire is still going. It has been since 1 May.

Until Next Sunday

 r  i  c  h  a  r  d

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