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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 16th June 2023

Richard Scott Blog - 16th June 2023

I think I must start the blog off on a Tuesday because Mondays are always in lag mode. Nobody responds to emails or WhatsApps. Maybe I must make Monday my golf day.

Joanne sent me a picture form her office window Monday morning.

I sent one back.

Tuesday the guys came around for our weekly meeting and catch up. Chad was on the Shombie Charity auction with Auction Me while Angelique and I strategized and caught up with sales and admin. After an intense session with Chad we took a small break. The guys scoffed back the tomato and cabbage bredie I made on Sunday.

There is a resale of one of my Hypnotic pieces at the Gallery in Steyn City.Google them for details.

Quite an Honour.

Wednesday, I woke up and headed into town with Joanne at 6.30am. We picked Craig up on the way and I dropped them both at their office and went into Tamboerswinkel for a coffee. Angelique and Chad rocked up 10 minutes later and we got stuck into Galleries and the Johannesburg and Pretoria POP-UP.

After a delicious coffee we headed to Truth Coffee for a quick breakfast as we had plans to start our Ceramic careers. I decided to do team building with the guys at Anthony Shapiro Ceramics. I showed Anthony what I wanted my end product to look like and he got all three of us stuck into making finger pots. It was a lot of hard work and even more fun. Angelique and Chad actually became my assistants for the morning weirdly enough.

Of to taste TRUTH Coffee.

Breakfast, simple but good. Nice Bacon.

Ordering my beans. Nice gadget they have to store the beans.

The class lasted 4 hours from 9.30 to 12.30 and Anthony is a great guy and a awesome mentor. We finished up and headed off to Zuney Burger in Kloof Street for lunch and to finish off our weekly strategy session. After lunch I picked Joanne up and we were off home. I did a little catch up in the studio and then Joanne and I decided to binge watch Rookie finished. We managed to do it by 10.30pm which is quite rare for us to go to bed so late.

The man himself Anthony Shapiro

Got my slab of clay for the day.

This is what I look like when I focus. LOL

Accelerating the drying process by placing the clay in fromt of a big fan.

Making sure its fun as well.

Got me some new workers. Angelique and Chad. Team building stuff.

Always set the example and clean up your dishes.

Bumped in the boss Henning of Zuney. Voted best burger in South Africa 2024. I can say it's one of my top 3.

Thursday, I called another strategy session, this time at the studio. Its that time of the year when things are a little quiet, as it's winter here, so it’s a good time to plan and strategize. I did get stuck into finishing off the Shombie BUS WhatsApp auction taking place Sunday night. (I.E. Tonight, if you reading this now) go to the website and log in and join if you wanna help me help Shombie. CLICK HERE

Go go go. One of my Road Sign series available at tonights auction. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Another piece in the colours of the German Flag. Get your PRE-BIDS in.

Signing a used stencil. It's part of the Circular Series where I recycle the items I use in the making of my art.

Pack it like a BOSS piece going all the way to FRANCE.

Thursday afternoon was getting stuck into some home maintenance with Hendrik.

Friday, I woke up when Joanne's alarm went off and I didn’t even get out of bed until she came home from work at 2pm. I got a mumbled message form Angelique who was suffering the same migraine that I had. That was a first in my life. Joanne made me some chicken soup and medicated me and I was feeling a lot better. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch getting stuck into Sweet Tooth on Netflix and a nice early night.

Yummy Chicken soup to make me feel better. Joanne calls it Jewish Penicillin

Home made burgers for supper from the steak mince we got at Hooikraal Butcher last week outside of Heildelberg.

Saturday, I felt much better and Joanne and I decided to go for a long walk on the beach but only after I got a nice fire going. I foraged in the garden for Spinach and celery as Joanne was on a mission to make Lasagna two ways. Beef and Vegetarian. The kids all went out to parties as they do when there 19 years old. Joanne and I chilled on the couch and played backgammon.

Sunday was Sunday. It's fathers day in South Africa so the kids are cooking lunch. Joanne and I went for an early morning bike ride and the rest of the day was family time.

Until next Sunday

r  i  c  h  a  r  d




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