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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 12th November 2023

Richard Scott Blog - 12th November 2023

Sunday night we stayed over at Selwyn place and he had a braai with locals friends. It was nice to socialise with the locals. 

We got up Monday morning early and we packed up nice and early and by 9am we were on the road heading home. 

Joanne and I decided to pop in and see Chris and Engela, long-time friends of ours. It was really good to see them. They stay in Grootbrak in a beautiful house.  Engela made us a nice cup of tea and we bought a Milk tart and took it with us.

Longtime friends Chris and Engela

We headed back after Chris and Engela.  We decided to make a few stops along the way to stretch our legs because it is a 6-hour drive.  Our final stop was Peregrine where we loaded up the trolley with a lot of frozen pies. They didn’t have any chicken pies, so we just took the steak pies and I bought myself a nice Venison pie to go. 

After that we headed home to a clean house. The kids were home for the weekend, and it was nice to come home to a clean house for a change.  Then off to bed for a nice early night.

On Tuesday as I got out of bed to make some coffee and I looked at the big stash of stuff sitting at the door and it always reminds me of Craig Marx telling me that his dad used to be a art auctioneer and whenever he was a kid his dad would always have stuff at the door. Always going in or out.  There was a whole lot of boxes that I was going to take down to the studio.  Everyday I look at it I wonder why Joanne is not asking why is there stuff always at the door, so that was really cool.

My pile of "STUFF" at the door

I popped into town with Joanne and my first meeting was with Clay Café.  It was really cool to see them. They have made up 18 moulds now for the tequila decanter.  It was really really cool to see that. It was next level. 

Mold 17 and 18

Left and right sides of the moulds

After Clay Café I headed to meet up with Selwyn, Neil and the Tequila Team in Bantry Bay. That went well. News to follow.

Team Tequila, Richie, Selwyn, Neil, Davin, Brett and Jaren.

Then back to the Gallery as I had a meeting with Musi Maimane and the BOSA team to discuss the 22 November event.  If you guys haven’t booked your tickets here is the link to book your tickets to come to the art and wine event. 

Team BoSA

After that meeting I did some admin, then I went to pick Joanne up.  We headed back home. I got a really cool image sent to me by Tim Oldag, a client of mine. He put a Richard Scott Sticker on the back of his Mini.  It was really cool. 

Mini Ana

Wednesday was a really awesome day.  I stayed at the studio and Joanne popped out early to work.  I got stuck into completing the High Road Wine Bottle collaboration.  You can buy a single pack of High Road wine for R699 or you can buy a twin pack for R1200. Link to follow soon. The bottles and the box are painted. 

We are doing some experiments at the moment to sign the bottom of the tequila decanters, so I did the artwork for that, It basically says “Richard Scott Made in Cape Town”.  We have decided to edition these to first editions so its F.E. 1/70 etc.  So the Tequila is also available now. 

Wednesday afternoon Frans and I got stuck in to completing the Musi Maimane event vases.  The Richard Scott vases are going to go in the middle of the table at the event and the vases will be for sale on the night as well which is really cool.

Step 1: splash the vases

Prepping a canvas.

5 Liters of the best. Going on auction on the 22nd November.

I managed to get some time in at about 3pm when Joanne came home to start the curry.  My sister, Angela and her husband Stewart were coming to stay with us for a week and they opted in for the Richard Scott famous chicken curries where I use Garam, Fennel, Breyani, Tikka Chicken and Butter Chicken. I try and keep the spices separate so each one has a unique taste. Everyone has their favourite.  Richie and Angelina came over they haven’t seen Angela and Stewart for years and years.  We just sat around the table and talked and talked.  We had a late night.

My curry pans all nicely coded.

Long time no see.

Hugs all round.

Empty plates.

Thursday morning Joanne and I woke up and I made us some coffee.  Angela  wondered into the kitchen and I made her a nice cappuccino.  Angela and Joanne had a nice chat on the balcony before Joanne headed out.

I got stuck into work and gave all my staff some admin instructions and then I decided to treat Angela and Stewart  to a breakfast at Jason’s Bakery.

At Jason’s I ordered the chorizo with the tomatoes and fried egg but the waiter got it wrong.  Actually, I got it wrong I didn’t explain myself properly and he brought me a little eggy pie.  A tiny little thing in the middle of the plate. Angela felt sorry for me so she shared her breakfast with me, avo on toast. 

Sharing the love.

Walking off the breakfast.

It’s always good to see Jason.  After Jason’s we all popped into the Gallery. Angela and Stewart loved it.  They chose a few pieces and I gave them some wine to take with them on their holiday to Romansbaai for 3 days. 

After they left at about 12pm, I got stuck into doing some admin again and I walked outside to go to my two meetings and I realized that I don’t have a car as Angela and Stewart dropped me off.  Strange, how us as humans get into this habit, so I just quickly booked an Uber as I had to go and see the stamp guys to get the rubber stamp for signing the bottom of the decanters. I then popped in to see Mariette at Clay Café. They are really professional with how them get stuff done.

White or Red?

Fetching the r  i  c  h  a  r  d  Stamps at Ace Lock and Key services in Woodstock. Same day service. Impressive.

I bumped into Chris, the owner, and we had a catch up there as to how far down the line we are with production and I headed back to the Gallery.  At about 14h30 Joanne headed to pick me up and we headed straight back home.

Friday, I popped into the gallery again. I had a Tequila meeting with Selwyn at 9 and a Wine meeting with Les at 11. Seems like I’m going into the liquor business. Selwyn and I ran the numbers and sales of the Tequila and Les and I discussed a big construction piece he want for his house is Plettenberg. I was man alone at the gallery and Chad was on leave and Angelique was having a minor operation done. Joanne decided to Uber to the Gallery so that I could man it. We stayed a while and headed back home.


Hello Partner.

Meet Les, owner of High Road wine and my new Golf partner.

Saturday Joanne and I had a run on the beach and popped out to the shops to do the usual Saturday run.  Angela and Stewart were also back form there short holiday in Romansbay. We all went to the local Pizza for a supper.

Sunday was fun. I got the pool heated up and the crayfish was ordered. We had a big Sunday lunch outside on the deck. It was the first of the season. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Finally Summer is here.

The famous picture.

Chicken or Crab?

I had such a good time I decided to only post the blog Monday as time got away with me.

Until Next Week


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