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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 12 May 2024

Richard Scott Blog - 12 May 2024

Monday I woke up, saw Joanne off to work at 6.15am. I lit a fire and got stuck into my banking before the sun even flickered and bit of light over the house.  It only starts getting light now at 7am. Yeah, winter is here. After banking I did emails and then ticking off stuff on my Monday TO DO list. The day was over before I knew it.

The smaller REBUL Circular works came back from the framers. These are the box panels from the POP-UP shop in Plettenberg Bay in December. They actually come from one of the smaller boxes we use to sit on. So, my bum sat on that box many times resting my body while doing a Laurence Graff. Ask me what a “Laurence Graff” is when you see me next.

Framed REBUL Graffiti pieces.

REBUL use green cable ties which i include in the piece. I once bought a artwork from and Italian artist Enrico De Paris. It had cable ties on it that I thought I needed to cut but apparently not. The Cable ties were part of the Artwork.

Colourful Rainbow Uma with the matching sketch.


NOM NOM lunch of home made broth.

Tuesday was the usual staff meeting session at the studio. The guys came over and we went through everything from Projects to Sales to Leads to Ideas.

Wednesday was day out day. We headed to Stellenbosch for the day. Started with Coffee meeting at Ya Ya then headed over the road to the Rupert Museum so see the Pierneef Johannesburg station panels. I've been to many exhibitions worldwide and even the Louve in Paris, but those 29 panels exhibition was breathtaking, mind blowing and inspiring. I have never seen a Pierneef that big before and so many in one room.

YA YA make awesome bread. I got my 2 loafs.

Got to meet Dimitri, the owner.

The Rupert Museum building itself, like the Norval Foundation one we were at a few weeks back, inspired me once again to one day have the Richard Scott Art Foundation r-building.

What an awesome experience.

We also got to see two other exhibitions, The Art Collection of Huberte Rupert and Artology from the University of Pretoria Museums.

The look on my face says it all.

Angelique and Chad checking out a artwork by Avitha Sooful called The Last Supper.


A majestic Pierneef.

Another one.

Educating the team.

Wow, it was such an honour to also be in the presence of 3 beautiful Erma Sterns. I got to see all the artist we studied at school like Maggie Laubser, Anton van Wouw and even Cecil Higgs. Its amazing that Mrs. Rupert can give us access to such beauty and history and its was free to enter. You have to make the effort and go see all 3 exhibitions.

Such and honor to be in the presence of Erma Sterns art.

After the trip to the Rupert Museum we headed over to Die Kantien to drop off some Richard Scott Gin with Bertus. Then we headed over to Muratie wine farm to see MOK gallery. We met Artist Vincent Engelbrecht who was manning the gallery. He was telling us that he actually works 2 days a week at the Rupert Museum. It was fascinating listening to his stories about the Pierneef Panels.

Cheers to Bertus and Die Kantien.

After Muratie we popped up the road to Delheim Wine Farm for refreshing Lemonade. Delheim was the first ever wine farm I went to when I moved to Cape town in 1994. I haven’t been there for ages. It was still the same.

Muratie wine farm.


Cool Vespa. Join the club.

Showing the guys around. Chad and his newly bought cordial.

Always buy something. Keeps the wheel turning.

The team shopping.

Then we headed to Hazendal Wine farm at the back end of Stellenbosch for a burger and to see the art there as well. They had a private function on, so they were closed for the day. We were all so hungry for a burger that I did a Bertus Basson and suggested we go to SPUR for a SPUR BURGER. When last did you do that? After that it was home time. We dropped Angelique off then me. It was nice to be home after a long day out.


Thursday was a home studio day.


Taking photos for a new catalogue. Blue Animals from 20 years ago. Still one of my top 5 favorite works.

Friday, Joanne worked from home again. We both got all our work bits and pieces done then headed off on a bit of a round trip to do some deliveries. The main ones were to drop of some gold stencils at the framers and then to drop off the Richard Scott Tyvek Wallets at John in Hout Bay.

Where is this?

We headed past Kirstenbosch and Constantia and were both in awe of our beautiful country with all the majestic trees.

After catching up with John and Teresa we headed back via the coast to enjoy that road as well. There was a drizzle of rain in the air which added a nice feel to the mood.

I asked Joanne if she fancied some lunch. We were both craving lamb and on top of that Indian cuisine after seeing the closed sign at the Indian guys shop last week at the Sea Point market. So, we decided to turn right at Camps Bay and go over Kloof Nek to Maharajah Indian Restaurant at the bottom of Kloof Nek. It was so nice just to sit there in the window and enjoy the love of my life Joanne’s company. Even better with Maharajah Hot Mutton Curry and a tradition Indian Naan Bread.

Lunch with the love of my life Joanne.

Nice art on the walls.

Always get the picture.

After lunch we headed back home to stoke up the fire and enjoy some Backgammon and a nice glass of wine.

Angelina my new disciple. Spreading the Richard Scott stickers.

Spot the Scott.

Saturday we got up early and hit the road with a  fast-paced road run. Then we both got stuck into cooking again. I made 2 different soups. A basic vegetable and tomato broth, like a Minestrone for lunch and then a creamy mushroom soup like Jason makes at his Bakery in Greenpoint. Both were delicious as I put a whole carcass of chicken stock into each one. Joanne is on a mission now that Woolworths sell 2 cooked roast chickens every Sunday only for R170. Lol. I love it cos I get to make my chicken stock every week now. Hee Hee.

Studying Joannes Dad's recipes.


Cheers to life.

John, from Hout Bay Gallery, sent me a picture of a client in Australia who bought a piece of my art as took it home with them.

Saturday afternoon was book reading and binge-watching ROOKIE on Netflix.

Sunday was a copy of Saturday with another fast-paced road run, some Sunday lunch cooking and me doing the blog. So, as I type this Joanne is buying those 2 chickens from Woolworths and I'm typing to you.

And then it was Sunday Lunch.

Until Next Week

r   i   c   h   a   r   d



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