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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 11 February 2024

Richard Scott Blog - 11 February 2024

Here are a few pics of our Sunday Afternoon with Danilo and Enrico. I posted the blog early last week so I never got chance to post these pics. ENJOY.

The Master Chef himself, Danilo in our kitchen

Good friends and good times

Always get the photo.

Karoo Boerewors Richard Scott flambe style.

Danilo bought Cecile a Richard Scott and I signed the back for her.


Monday, I drove in with Angelina all the way from Melkbos to The University of Cape Town, or as we call it UCT. She decided to leave a little later than Joanne, who left at 6.15. It took all of 1h10 minutes for Angelina and I to get to UCT.

And she's off. Angelina at the door of her future studies. The University of Cape Town.

Bye Bye Angelina.

When I sold my equity in my DOT.COM in 2001, I promised myself I would never again drive the 13 hour trip to Johannesburg and I would never sit in traffic again. Well I guess I had to do some Dad stuff. Angelina managed ok, considering it was peak our traffic and she was on the N2 National Highway and two diffternt Motorways (M3 and M5).

After that I drove her car to the Gallery to do my Monday morning Catch up with Angelique. The Gallery was still in such a mess. There were REBUL boxes everywhere and we had still not caught up with boxing the Ana decanters.

It was a long day as Angelina only finished at 5pm. I drove to UCT and she drove home. Once again in peak hour traffic, but she did well.

Selwyn popped in early Tuesday morning to finalize the Tequila decanter project. We have about 20 left of the Red and White and Candy.

The rest of Tuesday was a textbook copy of Monday. Only all the kids were home Tuesday night. It was good to have them around. I made a nice big pot of Richard Scott’s famous Chicken soup and it went down well. After supper Joanne got stuck into conversations around the table while I potted around the house a bit and prepped for Wednesday. Reminded me of when I was their age.

Signing Candy Decanters. Only 47.

Pack it like a BOSS.

Signing  the last 10 out the kiln.

Wednesday was a studio day. Collectors are asking for Valentine themed pieces. I got stuck in.

Happy in my studio. Sending Joanne a daily pic :).

I LOVE ME. Spray paint on reject Silk Screen Print.

I LOVE YOU. Spray paint on Cardboard.

GRAFFITI GIRLS, Spray Paint on Construction Planks.


Thursday was up early like most days this week. 5am. Joanne and I have been going to bed at 9pm sharp each night as we are both knackered form the long days. We drove into town as Angelina had found a lift to University. I dropped Joanne at the office.

Saying  goodbye to Joanne each morning is tough. The love of my life.

Then I drove out to go see Ruan at The Lost Wax Foundry in Somerset West. It’s not often you meet transparent people. Ruan showed me the entire process of making a Bronze Sculpture. I knew the process but have never seen it in the making. So here we go. Step one of the Richard Scott My Girls Bronzes is done. Step two is to make life size versions of what I want so that Ruan can get casting.

Meet Ruan.

After Ruan, I headed to Robin Sprong for an 11am meeting to chat Richard Scott Wallets. They were all in a meeting, so I decided to see if Mike Miles was around as I had a 12am with Mike. I drove to the WEX in Woodstock where Mike’s offices are and we decided to try a coffee at the shop where the old Superette was. There was now a guy in there by the name of Denis who does large scale 3D printing. Strange how I just came back from chatting to Ruan at The Lost Wax Foundry, where Ruan suggested I use a large-scale 3D Printer to do my models of the Bronze My Girls.  I had a good chat to Denis and shared contacts.

Spot the Scott at Robin Sprong.

The man himself. Mike Miles.


Anyway, it was nice to catch up with Mike and then get stuck into a Tequila meeting with him. He is a wealth of information on the Liquor and Liquor Distribution front in South Africa. He gave me a lot of advice and guidance on my Tequila idea and the decanter. I have decided to go it alone and grow organically. Mike suggested a company in Mexico to do that with and then grow from there in the next 5 years with my own recipe. It was such a relief to get proper guidance form Mike. He agreed to meet me once a week to guide me as long as I pay for the coffee. DEAL.


After Mike I picked Joanne up as she left work early due to SONA. (State of the Nation Address) by our President. The roads around her office get blocked up. We headed home and had a afternoon of Backgammon.

Friday we both worked from home. We went for an early morning walk on the beach and then got our laptops out with coffee on the deck. I gave the staff instructions for the day and then got stuck into some studio and admin work.

Joanne taught me to enjoy my own beach. She calls it the Richard Scott Beach. LOL.

Hendrik and I replacing the sand on the pool pump. Nice and rewarding to do your own maintenance.

Saturday morning, we had a date with Franschhoek. Firstly, with Paul from JP Colmant at 9am to discuss a Champagne CO-LAB. The planning was discussed, and we meet again in 3 weeks. My work is cut out for me as I will work on some concepts.

The Best Champagne in South Africa. Made by Paul at JP Colmant. Watch this space.

After Paul we met up with Chad at the SAADA exhibition in the Old Franschhoek Town Hall. Basically, it was a gathering of all the best Antique jewellers, furniture and coin dealers in South Africa. I must say, it was very impressive. We then walked to the weekly Franschhoek market and had a light snack of Spring Rolls from the Chinese lady. We then got our stash of Cordials from the cordial lady and we were off to browse the market. It's quite an impressive one and jam packed with locals and foreigners alike.

Joanne, Chad and myself in Franschoek. Enjoying the Antiques.

Then we were off to see Daniel and Bianca at the Old Sanctuary up on the hill. Daniel had agreed to look after the guest house on the farm and invited us to have a look. He introduced us to Pigcasso. The pig that paints.

After Daniel we were off home. Joanne wanted to try Glen Carlou, so we popped in for a light lunch. It was pleasant and affordable.

Then home for Saturday afternoon stuff. Ahem, like cook for Sunday lunch. We had a full 3kg leg of lamb and a full chicken that we got from Aardvark Reserve back in the first week of January if you remember. So, Karoo Lamb and Farm Chicken for Sunday lunch.

Saturday night we watched a movie where Russel Crowe breaks his wife out of prison. I said to Joanne that I would do the same LOL

Sunday was planning our week, look for a new property to buy, beach walk and warm up food. Oh, and Type Blog.

Until Next Week.

 r    i    c    h    a    r    d.


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