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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 17th March 2024

Richard Scott Blog - 17th March 2024

Short week this week. Did your week feel the same?

Monday I was posting and advert on Facebook Market place for the 2 Ducati’s Richie and I own and for some reason some old photos of me looking in dustbins came up on Facebook. Probably because I searched for the word “Ducati” and I started a bit of a trend when Carl Smyth and I were in Bologna together at the Ducati Factory and Carl took a pic of me looking in dustbins out back. Ever since then, whenever I traveled and saw a similar dustbin, I would take a photo and tag Carl in.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Limberg in Germany

Central Park New York.

Zug, Switzerland.

I think this was in Bangkock.

Tuesday I was at the shop in Woodstock clearing out. We managed to get all the POP-UP SHOP stuff into the POP-UP SHOP boxes. It was a great feeling to be able to move on and now focus on the next chapter: POP-UP SHOP’s and STUDIO TOURS.

Packed and Ready for you.

While driving home with Joanne we spotted one of my Richard Scott Joyride Vespas. We tried to get a good pic but fumbled while driving. It is always cool and exciting to see them. There were only ever 16 Made.

Spot the SCOTT.

Wednesday was a blur. I was a bit naughty this week and only started typing the blog this morning (Sunday). I usually look through my phone for photos I took on the day to remind me but this week, as I mentioned above, was a short week. Probably because I was focusing hard on finishing up in Woodstock.

Touching up a work that was damaged.

Thursday both Joanne and I were up early and off. Angelina stayed over and was also off bright and early. I got to the shop and got stuck into signing some boxes for the Candy Tequila Decanters. Do you have yours? There's only 10 left out of the 47.

Working Hard.

Playing Hard.

After a good catch up with Angelique, as she was on a 2-week break, I picked Joanne up and we popped into see Martin at Col’Cacchio in Big Bay. Martin is an old friend and I needed to check in with him on my Backgammon Board and he is the Cape Town Champion at Backgammon.

Meet Martin.

Martin was telling me that you get two types of Backgammon boards. Café Style and Professional Style. Mine falls into the Café Style as when you play, the pieces make a noise when you place them. A professional Backgammon board is soft and normally made of leather to soften the sound, so you do not annoy your partner who is concentrating.

Then we were off home via Checkers to get some supplies for the weekend.

Friday we both worked from home. Early morning beach run before the sun came up. Coffee and laptops on the deck by 7am.

Loving life.

Dylan popped in. Dylan is the coolest Estate Agent in the world. We appointed him to sell the house.

Meet Dylan.

I also decided to post the three original artworks I have on exhibition at POP INTERNATIONAL in New York, on Instagram. I wanted to BOOST the post, which I did. Surprisingly, enough Mark Zuckerberg didn’t block it this time. I was pleasantly surprised.

Such and honor.

POP in and see Jeff at POP-INTERNATIONAL.

The rest of Friday was chilling.

Saturday, we had our first STUDIO TOUR with the new program. My Anesthetist Dr David Kirsch popped in and was treated to the Full-Blown STUDIO TOUR which I have not done for over 6 years now. It was great to entertain him.

Meet Dr David Kirsch.

Saturday afternoon Angelina left and Dean and Daniella took over the “Kids at Home” Batton. We caught up with them, cooked a nice Roast chicken supper and settled into a new series on Netflix.

These 2 Silkscreen prints from 2013 that I did as test prints were auctioned off on Saturday Night at Russel Kaplan for over R3000+



Sunday we tried to get a beach run in before the sun came up but were rather lazy. It was all done by 7.30am before the wind picked up at least.

Sunday I was experimenting with the drafts of the new bronzes I want to produce.

Joanne and I had it easy this week with Sunday lunch as Richie has been hannering (South African word for hounding) for tomato soup and toasted cheese for a month now. So he made the tomato soup and I popped out to get a government loaf to make us all my famous pan fried toasted cheese.

Until next week

r   i   c   h   a   r   d.



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