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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog: 5th November 2023

Richard Scott Blog: 5th November 2023

Monday I got stuck into the REBUL Plettenberg Bay pop up store box in the studio. I needed to focus on it 100% to make it all come together as Thursday to Monday we were in Plettenberg Bay to meet up with Duncan and get things ready for December.

I am sure you will agree, the idea is genius.

Spot the High Road wine barrel.

Tuesday I helped Richie transport his Honda to Brendon’s place. Richie and I bought a Honda 125cc way back when and he has been refurbishing it since. Afterwards I popped out to see Konstantin  in Tokai as we had our weekly BOSA meeting to discuss the event on the 22nd November 2022. It went well.


Spot the Honda. Proud dad after my son completely restored this 125cc 1978 Honda. Well done Richie.

Not often you meet wonderful human beings. Meet Konstantin.

Wednesday, it was full steam ahead with the weekend trip to Plettenberg Bay to discuss the pop up. I went for an early morning run after Joanne left for work as I was struggling again with that anxiety nasal feeling. Exercise is the only thing that seems to alleviate it. After that I got stuck back into the studio and focused on PLETT PLETT PLETT. I really needed to deliver.

Thursday, Joanne drove into work and I started packing one of the two boxes for Plett. After the box was packed, I set off to the Gallery to pack the other one. I then picked up the BMW and headed home while Hendrik drove the Caddy home. Once there I packed our suitcases into the Caddy and went to pick Joanne up for the 6 hour drive to Plett. I wasn’t looking forward to the 6 hour road trip as I had already been in cars for 3 hours already, but it was a beautiful drive. We got to Plett around 7pm and Selwyn had the sushi and beers ready. We had an early night as Friday was gonna be a long day.

It does not show, but I am broken.

Friday we woke up at 5am and went for a run around the roads of Plett. It was tough, but both Joanne and I were super chuffed as we had now run five times this week, early morning. After the run we headed to see Duncan at TOPS SPAR in Beacon Island with Selwyn. Selwyn had organized the whole POPUP idea and Duncan loved it. It's not often in business that I meet such nice people. I love doing a deal on a handshake. That to me is real business. Duncan was ecstatic with the product and the rest was easy. So see you in Plettenberg Bay TOPS SPAR shop from 13 to 31 December.

Planning with Selwyn.

Men at work. Selwyn, myself and Duncan, owner of SPAR and SPAR TOPS


We bumped into Chris in Plett. He was down on holiday. Chris is responsible for that Mosaic Richard Scott I did.

After the meeting with Duncan, we headed to sort Selwyn's tyre from his tank. Yes, Selwyn has a Land Rover and it has a massive tyre. I managed to change it for him and it was a real challenge. I think I last changed a tyre about 10 years ago on the VW Kombi.  We popped out to sort that at Dunlop and then went to go see Sculptor Malcolm Solomon. It was great to meet him and chat and see his studio. You can see why he is successful because he is transparent with his life and process.


Everyone in Plett is very helpful. Tyre Plugged.

Meet Malcolm

Always good to get the photo. Myself, Malcolm, Selwyn and Joanne.

After that we popped home as Selwyn had to go fetch Les and Anton had also arrived for the weekend.  We were all staying at Selwyn's house in Plett. Everyone arrived and we all went out to supper at Barrington’s. Les brought one of his High Road Reserve wines for the table and we all had fish and chips and Joanne had the chicken livers, per-peri. After that we went home and chilled and watched the Rugby on the TV.

Selwyn taking a video of me doing the Tequila Box presentation.

Hanging with Les, owner of High Road Wine.

Saturday morning Joanne and I got up early again and headed for a nice long walk on the beach to Beacon Island with Selwyn. It took us an hour, as the beach had washed away and the sand was so soft. The plan was to swim in the lagoon when we got there, but there was no lagoon. The recent storm had changed the whole landscape. So, we headed to the local and had a nice breakfast. We met some locals. Dough and Norma and we got on well. We walked around a few local Plett markets and then headed to a nice Italian spot called Ice Dream Land. A lovely little Italian spot in the rural parts of Plett near the airport. We were all a bit tired and headed back home to Selwyn’s. Everyone had an afternoon nap except me, because I'm busy tying my weekly blog to you.


The love of my life, Joanne, in her favourite place. The ocean and beach.

Coffee and breakfast.

Fruit Juices at the new market in Plett town centre. Meet Dough and Anton.

Lunch at Ice Dream Land with Anton, Les, Selwyn and Joanne and I.

Ice Cream desert with you know who. Nom Nom.

Always get the picture. Lovely after lunch photo at Ice Dream Land.

Sunday was post the blog day. Once again Joanne and I got up early and went for a walk on the beach. I went to go play golf with Selwyn and Les for the first time. First time in a while that I played and the first time in a long time I really enjoyed playing. I'm back at the house in Plett now and chilling with Joanne after not seeing her for most of the day, I'm gonna close off and spend some quality time with her on the deck.


Selwyn, Kevin and oupa in the Caddy

 Until next Sunday.

r   i   c   h  a   r   d






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