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Weekly updates on what happend in Richard Art life in the last 7 days

Richard Scott Blog - 19th November 2023

Richard Scott Blog - 19th November 2023

Whoaaaaaaaaa, this week was 1000 miles an hour. With Chad back online I sent him and Angelique a list of 12 things to do for Monday:
  1. Put all the decanters in the shop into the VW Caddy
  2. Collect 60 signs from Toby
  3. Collect samples from Mervin Gers
  4. Collect finished product from Clay Cafe
  5. Collect boxes from box company
  6. Deliver all to studio
  7. Pack wine in studio and deliver to High Road
  8. Buy paint from Shelf Life
  9. Drop keys at Vespa
  10. Collect art from Gallery in Franschoek
  11. Collect wine from Les
  12. Pick up Tequila decanters form Clay Café

    We got it all done and then some.

    This weeks old photo is of me when I was about 13. Im sitting on the stoep at 147 Kwartel Road in Kempton Park with Sandy the Boxer dog. I drew a picture of her when I was a kid. I'll dig it out and show you. 147 has also become my lucky number over the years.


    Godda love the old slatsto stoep flooring and remember those metal chairs

    Tuesday I went into the Gallery and my usual weekly Tequila meeting with Selwyn. We finally have product in the box and in the gallery.  Yeahhhhhh. After my Tequila meeting it was time for the weekly Tuesday BOSA meeting. That went well and we managed to sell a few more tables. The event is on Wednesday so get your last minute ticket: Joan-Anne Harris -   


    The rest of Tuesday was focused on the Tequila. By Friday we had to have everything done. Tequila supplied, Decanters, corks, 3D Printed Decanter top, tissue paper, painted box.


    Wednesday Joanne dropped me at the Gallery and I took the VW Caddy to Pearl Valley Golf course and played a round of golf with Stewart Morgan, my brother in law. He is a vey good golfer. It was 40 degrees in Paarl but we did ok. After golf I headed back to the Gallery and Joanne and I drove home. Angelina was home for a few nights while my Sister Angela was here from the UK. I got a fire going as it was little nippy and we all had an early night.


    My brother in law Stewart, he does not do things in half measures.

    Making memories

    Thursday I stayed at home and saw Joanne off as I do every time. The neighbours must think I'm nuts waving to her all the way down the road. Well I did find the love of my life and want to spend as much time possible with her.


    Bye babe, can't wait to see you soon.

    After I said goodbye I got stuck into a google ad campaign for the mini art show Sophie and Bernard were putting on. Here is a link to an nice article about it: Click Here


    Meet Sophie. Here and her husband Bernard are big collectors of my art.

    Angelina came to sit at the table with me to study. That was nice. My sister Angela came back from a 3 day stay in Paarl and they took Angelina for lunch in Camps Bay while I got stuck into the Tequila Boxes with Frans and the wine boxes with Hendrik. I also had another long list

    1. Plan to clear out storage
    2. Spray Rebul Boxes
    3. Tequila Leaflet
    4. Tequila 2nd Rose Order
    5. Pay for accommodation in Plett in December
    6. And the list went on

    Joanne came home and we started to prepare for Burger night. All the family came over and we had build your own burgers. There were 13 of us. After supper we split into two and played a round of 30 Seconds.


    Big Family

    They wouldn't let me play Richard Scott rules. LOL

    Thone, my niece Amy and my sister Angela. Family Hug.

    Friday was another Gallery day and packing and sealing the Tequila Boxes. Chad and Angelique were loving their new job.

    The guys getting al excited. Its nice to do it all yourself.

    Boxes lined up.

    Boxes stacked up

    Each decanter gets a 3D printed rose for the Cork Stopper to bring the story full circle as the original idea came from one of my 3D prints.

    Each box folds out to an original Richard Scott artwork.

    Hand Signed at the bottom

    Joanne finished early and we went for lunch with Nicole and Oli at Mano’s. I bumped into so many people I knew. Manos is like that.

    Nicole wanted the pic of my art in the background.

    Bragging with her Richard Scott 3D printed Keyring.

    Making memories with the love of my life Joanne.

    Bumped into the famous Graeme Gordon. I had to get the pic. Graeme owns the Red Ana Richard Scott Vespa.

    And the more famous Richard Clarke.

    And the most famous  Marc Copeland.

    Saying goodbye with Shaun, the manager of Mano's

    Nicole's Jacket says it all.

    Getting desert at Moro Gelato for the evening. Meet Faith.


    After lunch we went to our good friends Martin and Christine Bauler’s house in Camps Bay for a afternoon by the pool and then supper. We packed an overnight bag and stayrf with Martin and Christine.


    The famous Bauler cooking his beetroot salad for us.


    Saturday morning, we got up early and checked out of the Bauler Hotel Mansion and went for a 3-hour hike in Cecelia forest. It was quite tough, and we bit off a bit more that we could chew. But worth it for our first Summer hike. Then we popped into the gallery to check in on Chad and headed upstairs for a light lunch at the brewery. We shared a fillet and salad. Then home to chill.


    I want one in my garden.

    We made it to the top.

    Well deserved Waterfall rest.

    Photos do not show the beauty of this waterfall.

    Sunday, we got up really early and both potted around the house. We were not here most of Saturday and that is normally cleaning day.

    Foraging for food in our garden.

    I'm sitting here finishing off the blog while Joanne is researching Tequila startups and the likes. I'ts quite fascinating. So I'm gonna sign off and go chill on the couch with a book.


    Until Next Sunday

    r   i   c   h   a   r   d

    Here is the English version of that articel:

    Sophie sells South African art in aid of the Children's Cancer Fund

    Brasschaat - Jan Brys - Monday, November 13, 2023 at 6:33 PM

    45-year-old Sophie Lebbe was able to persuade South African artist Richard Scott to create a work of art especially for her. Sophie, who has breast cancer, wants to sell a number of prints to benefit the We Love Marie Fund. Interested parties can buy it on Sunday in the Bremdonckhoeve opposite the Melkerij in the Peerdsbos. Key rings are also offered.

    Eight years ago, Sophie was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to the lungs. Treatment was started, but a year later it turned out that she also had metastases in the brain.

    “That became clear after I suddenly collapsed in a store. A cure is no longer possible, but keeping the disease under control is. I've been in really bad shape a few times. We have two children who are now 11 and 13 years old. It's not easy, but we've always been very open with them. Their empathy is very great.”

    Sophie: “I have always remained very positive. A good mindset is very important and I certainly have that. But still your mill starts turning. At a certain point I came up with the idea of doing something.”

    “I have always found inspiration in art and wanted to leave a legacy. Through my father-in-law we came into contact with the South African artist Richard Scott. We were able to convince him to create something especially for me. It became a portrait of two women. On the one hand, a woman who is particularly confident in life. On the other side you see a vulnerable woman with breast cancer. Scott is known for his playful art with colorful lines. The woman almost always appears in Scott's art.”

    Sophie and Bernard have a large collection of Scott’s art on the walls in their home in Belgium.

    Sophie and her husband Bernard will exhibit the work on Saturday and Sunday in the Bremdonckhoeve opposite De Melkerij in the Peerdsbos.

    We call the project Sophie's Girls.

    We sell the prints for 375 euros without frame and 500 euros with frame.

    We also sell Richard Scott key rings.

    Saturday evening is by invitation, but on Sunday everyone is welcome from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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