I worked closely with Mervyn of Mervyn Gers Ceramics to produce this range of Cappuccino Cape and Saucers. I fell in love with the shape and style of Mervyn’s Espresso and Cappuccino cups and of course I’m a coffee drinker so the dots were joined.

Mervyn and I worked closely over 6 months to decide on the colours and designs. It was at times spontaneous and at other weeks on end deliberating. But it was awesome to connect with Mervyn and let go.

Mervyn, like me, is ahead of game. Shape, colour, texture, feel, design are all things that come naturally to Mervyn. Collaborations are key to success and leveraging each other’s brands

The Cups come in Hand Sprayed Boxes. Why might you ask? It all started  back in 2011 when I sent a client a painting in New York and he called said it was more expensive to dispose of the crate in his city than to ship it. So from that day onward I paint on all my creates and packaging thus killing 3 birds with one stone: 1. The clients does not have the expanse of disposing the packaging, 2. The client gets to own another piece of my art and 3: I get more exposure as the client becomes a disciple and spreads the story. He also does not pay import duty for the extra art (Call that the 4th bird)